The enriching, gentle, and innovative philosophy of the Montana Center for Horsemanship, along with the University of Montana Western partnership providing academic degrees in Natural Horsemanship, have caught the attention of student riders and practitioners throughout the U.S., which, in turn, has created a significant demand for the Program. As a result of its own success, in the fall of 2015 UMW had to turn away many qualified students  because the facility and staff could not accommodate additional students.  Today, that academic landscape is changing and we welcome students from near and far. 

Looking Forward

Four years after the Natural Horsemanship degree was added to the UMW curriculum, the Program partners, the Montana Center for Horsemanship and UMW, find themselves in the position to make another significant contribution to the Natural Horsemanship world and Montana’s culture as a whole.

In addition to advancing the mission pf MCH and supporting our community, the vision of the partners is to develop the Montana Center for Horsemanship into a destination conference and education and research center, attracting visitors, scholars, students, researchers, horsemen and horsewomen, as well as those who wish to learn about horses, Dillon and Beaverhead County. 

To achieve this vision, additional programs and initiatives need to be developed and the training and boarding facilities need to expand and grow. Based on growing demand and interest, one of the logical program additions is a new degree in Natural Horsemanship Instruction. There is a clear need in the equine industry for graduates in this field, and the lack of instructors is one of the top five concerns hampering industry growth based on a 2015 survey of the AQHA Board of Directors. Further investment with direct impact will be needed to help these and many other programs to grow.  Please join us in support. 

The Board of Directors of the Montana Center for Horsemanship has already begun moving forward to attain these goals by developing the new core curriculum for the B.S. in Natural Horsemanship Instruction, and by starting the process to develop the larger infrastructure required to accommodate current and future demand for The Program—as well as enhancing the ability to host future complimentary activities including clinics and conferences. Infrastructure expansion includes 48 additional 20’ x 60’ indoor/outdoor pens and a 200' x 300' Arena Building with a 135’ x 300’ indoor arena.


To accomplish these goals and fulfill the vision, the non-profit MCH has identified the following fund raising objectives:

·       Infrastructure: $2.5M

·       Scholarships

·       University Chair: Research & Development

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Site Map (current and proposed expansion projects):