Our Vision

At the Montana Center for Horsemanship (MCH), we believe that every horse and person deserves a chance to make the most of their respective lives.

Since its inception, MCH has continued to offer a means for creating dynamic synergy among professional and amateur horsemen and horsewomen, educators, scientists, and researchers as they work together to improve and expand human/horse interaction.

Our Partnership

The partnership between the Montana Center and UMW has enjoyed success and growth as the first (and only) center for horsemanship in the United States, devoted solely to promoting ‘Natural Horsemanship.’ With its stables, arenas, riding areas, and instructors, MCH serves as the primary facility and progressive teaching resource for the University of Montana Western’s (UMW) curriculum teaching Natural Horsemanship.

At the core of the partnership is the goal of providing an exemplary education: students can earn degrees; a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Horsemanship, the only one of its kind in the United States, or a Bachelor of Science in Natural Horsemanship Instruction. Each degree combines the courses at MCH with the University’s traditional curricula to produce a graduating student poised for success in a wide range of equine-related professions and fields.

Our Community

Another important goal is to support and enhance the equine community, as well as the community of Dillon, Montana, by helping to position the town as a business and recreation destination. Taking an active role in nurturing horsemanship and its long-standing western traditions, and encouraging young people to carry on those values, are important components of the Center's mission.